Jessica in Public Service scene

Check out the next amazing Jessica Drake pics. She is one naughty police woman who just arrested this guy for breaking into a house. She takes him down at the police section and starts interrogating him. Turns out he is a private detective working under cover to solve a case. Some paintings been stolen from several houses and he had a lead about the next target. That’s why he broke into that house, to find the one who are stealing the paintings. Of course, Jessica had a hard time getting all the information out of him. She had to convince him to talk by exposing her sexy body and suck his hard cock just like in slutty Kelly fucking her patient scene.

No matter what she did, he wouldn’t give her the information, so she tied him to the chair and started teasing him, by laying with his big cock and sucking it. When he was about to cum, she took his cock out of her mouth and started squeezing his balls. He started begging her to let him cum, and she promised to give him a happy end only after he tells her everything he knows. After she got the information, she got on top of him and he shoved his big cock deep i her wet pussy.  Jessica got back on her knees sucking his cock until he shoot his load in her mouth!

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